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Wireless Broadband

For areas that are inaccessible by DSL, we offer a external wireless broadband system. The areas covered are Carson City proper east of 395 and north of the Capitol, as well as the southern portion of Carson City, the Lakeview Subdivision in Northwest Carson City and Washoe Valley.  Another area is from approximately one mile south of the Minden/Gardnerville airport to the north end of Carson Valley.

As a broadband solution our wireless service offers significant advantages over cable and dialup.  Exact specifications again are impossible with completing the site survey.

If you would like a site survey please send an email to Bob McDermand ( or call him at 775-884-3202 to schedule an appointment.  He does them daily throughout the week and will come out with our portable test systems and give you an on-the-spot assessment.



Unlimited Wireless Internet service for 1 computer system.
1 static IP address (extras available for $10/mo. each)
2 email accounts
10MB personal web space (FTP or FrontPage)
up to 640kb down/640kb up (depending on your location)

$39.95 for the first computer, $10.00 extra for 2nd.

a one time $150 equipment leasing fee to cover installation and the equipment.

 (special for network users, 3 for the price of 2)


To view maps of our coverage area, click on a link below. These are estimated graphics as line of site and bleed over can effect signal. These are large maps, so allow time for them to open.

Washoe Valley

Carson City  (blue areas are planned expansion)

 Carson Valley/Minden/Gardnerville

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