Get Our Add-on for blood !
Team Banzai has completed the Add-on Episode for Blood, get the details and download here.Blood Add-on Page

Play Blood free on the net (see below)
You can host or join games using IC
With this program ICsetup (574kb) you and your friends can multiplay any 3DRealms games on the net without logging into a sever such as TEN, Heat MPlayer etc. It is a commit driver that connects tcp/ip on the net to other players much the same way Quake does. I have used it and it works great! With this and chat software you can meet up with your friends and decide who will host a game then run IC using the host's ip address and away you go. You can download HERE

Hoover Blood is here! (by me)
This map features water, high ledges and a train station and a train (stationary). Many sound and lighting effects make this a detailed map like none I have done before. I promise this one to make my Hoovrdam levels look like Doom to Quake. I have made this one a single player and bloodbath map that features sectors above sectors, double swinging doors, elevators, gib FX's and a damage sector. (keep off the saw stupid!) Although this level is big, the sounds are clue enough to keep track of other players even for just two on a modem. Everyone liked the hoovrdam maps so much I felt I had to beat a dead horse and do a dam (damn?) map again. Please enjoy and thanks to all who have put out the great FAQ's on the net for Mapedit.
To run this map (and other user maps) unzip them into your "Blood" directory and use the following command in your blood directory; C>\ blood\blood hoovrbld (enter)

Maps by the coming Blood Add-on team members: By Arjan van Rossen, Project Originator Also by Arjan By Steve Graehl, Level Designer
More to come soon

I have rated these maps. It is only my opinion as a map maker and please keep in mind that if it is your map, consider it to be well above average or I would not have taken the time to play it and post it here. Thank you for your nice work!
Ratings as follows: B= Bloodbath S= Single player (but may support Bloodbath too) The number rating is a 1 - 10 scale but you won't find any here below a 5
Only the best will be posted here!

Single player maps: Rated 9.5 Rated 9.5
Lostevil.zipSingle play only. Rated 9
Village.zipRated 9
Duke1.zipA converted Duke E1M1 map. Rated 9 Rated 9 Rated 9
Castle.zipRated 7

Bloodbath maps:
Pipeline.zipRated 9 Rated 9 Rated 7.5 Rated 7.5 Rated 6.5 Rated 6 Rated 5 Rated 5

Mapedit Stuff
Tempest's MapEdit Tutorials
(See his page from my "Links" page)
This FAQ covers doors, moving and copying sectors and adding sounds.
I have a great FAQ about bloods tips, secrets and cheats. This gives you info to get to hidden levels and areas that have goodies. Blood.txt (Thanks Stew)
Get these too!
Here is the Unofficial Blood Map Edit Faq Written and Compiled By Mark Dickneite
Here is a great list of Blood sounds and how to add them
Team Play Flags
Player Sound FX
Conveyor Belts
Double swinging doors
How to make a swinging sprite
And here is a water tutorial
See though water
Gib Objects Text (Things that break)

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