Special Interest Arms
Originators of the "Enfield K" in 7.62x39

Welcome to our OLD web site, for up to date information please visit www.specialinterestarms.com 

We support the second amendment!

    We also make a .45 acp Enfield conversion, we are working on our own Enfield 45-70, and we also restore classic Enfields.

We are FFL type 07 licensed manufacturer and dealer in small arms.
We are "Class 2" SOT holders, we buy, sell, and manufacture light weapons and accessories.

Typical Enfield #4 before conversion.  An Enfield #5 "Jungle Carbine"

   Pictured below is a "Match Sporter" with a synthetic stock.

Ten round magazine in adapter   Round ready to feed from magazine

   Enfield K "Match Sporter" with Boyds® Walnut sporter stock

An Enfield K "Tanker"              A synthetic stock "Carbine"

          William's® receiver mounted scope base, rings, and peep sight.
                 Shown on my No. 4 .303 hunting rifle, I have never had to re-zero this scope in 15 years!
I took a Mule deer last fall, at 325 yards, placing the bullet within 1/2" of my point of aim!
Gun is still .303, a Montana Rifleman match grade barrel and Bushnell 6x scope make it deadly accurate!

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