John O'Neills Amercan Wildflowers

John O'Neill's
American Wildflowers

Intimate portraits, captured in
the field under natural light

Giant Trillium

Welcome to my newly refurbished web site . . . and thanks for stopping by!

My wife, Nelle, and I live in Nevada's beautiful Carson Valley, at the foot of the Eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada, where we are founding directors of the Carson Valley Violin School. My introduction to the magic of both photography and music came early-on in grade school when my parents gave me a "developing kit" for Christmas and a clarinet for my birthday. Ever since, I have pursued both of these strangely inter-twined arts.

I am a music theory and composition graduate of Ithaca College and The Eastman School of Music and hold teaching credentials in music, art, design and photography. While establishing a career in teaching, conducting and composition, I initiated and taught the first classes in color printing at San Jose's West Valley College and led numerous photography workshops in the Santa Cruz Mountains and Yosemite National Park. My interest in wildflower photography was sparked, in the early 60's, by a chance meeting with the late Dr. Carl Sharsmith, internationally prominent botanist and ranger-naturalist, and sustained through the years by our subsequent long-time friendship.

Prints (13 X 16, image size 11 X 14 with one-inch white border) are available of all the flowers in my galleries. They are individually printed on Epson Matte Heavyweight paper with genuine Epson inks and signed. Cost is
$24 each plus a shipping charge (Priority Mail) of $5 for up to 5 prints.

Framable ArtCards, personally printed and signed, are now available in packets of 4 (may be assorted) for $14, plus a Priority Mail shipping charge of $5 for up to five sets.

How to order???

Well, since I haven't yet figured out how do do one of those "fancy, automatically-emailed" order forms, you can click on Order Form, print it out and mail it to me with a check or money order; or better yet, if you Email your order to me and use a credit card through Paypal, I'll have your prints or ArtCards in the mail within 24 hours!


Gallery One

Yellow Throated Gilia, Blue Eyed
Grass, Hartwig's Iris, Douglas
Iris, Colorado Blue Columbine,
Mountain Dandelion, Kelly's
Tiger Lily, California Lupine

Gallery Two

Giant Trillium, Mariposa Lily
Bud, Elephant Heads, Golden
Brodiaea, Eastern Red Columbine,
Fairy Lantern, Monterey Paintbrush,
Great Basin Aster

Gallery Three

Scarlet Gilia, Seaside Daisy,
Wild Flax, Kelly's Tiger Lily #2
Anderson's Thistle, White
Mariposa Lily, Pricklypear
Cactus, California Poppy

Gallery Four

Rocky Mountain Mariposa Lily,
Yellow Star Tulip, Shooting Star,
California Poppy Bud, Red
Mariposa Lily, Wild Onion,
Snow Plant, Hairy
Star Tulip

Gallery Five

Spring Vetch, Avalanche Lily,
Mariposa Lily (#2), Spreading
Phlox, Balsamroot, Desert
Evening Primrose,
Olympic Daisy,
Sierra Iris

Gallery Six

Beavertail Cactus, Indian
Paintbrush, Monkeyflower,
Blazing Star, Crimson
Columbine, Alpine Pink
Columbine, Dandelion #1,
Dandelion #2

Gallery Seven

Mojave Prickly Pear, Tricolor
Gilia, Greenleaf Manzanita,
Globe Mallow, Gold Country
Lupine, Apricot Prickly
Pear, Golden Linanthus,
Little Tiger Lily

Gallery Eight

Sunflower (#2), Green Gentian
Yellow Pussy Ears,
Blazing Star (#2), Giant Saguaro
Cactus, Mule Ears,
Desert Paintbrush,

Gallery Nine

Columbines, Columbines,
Columbines and

Gallery Ten

Hedgehog Cactus, Mojave Aster,
Pine Drops, Dogbane,
Narrow Leaf Lupine, Wild Iris,
Scarlet Gilia Pink Variant,
Scarlet Gilia

Gallery Eleven

Alpine Golden Columbine, White
Heather, Golden Brodiaea, Broadleaf
Lupine, Dana Lupine, Brown's Peony,
Alpine Hybrid Columbines,
Shooting Stars

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