Pyramid.Net Cloud Vault ™ with LiveProtect. Backup any data, any time, to any destination.
Pyramid.Net gives you the flexibility and power to create a backup that will meet your need. Backup your MS Outlook daily to 6 global datacenters. Backup your entire computer to a USB drive nightly or backup My Documents to your iPod each hour or engage LiveProtectTM to have Pyramid.Net watch your files and provide continuous real-time data protection. You save it – we back it up offsite invisibly and automatically, keeping an unlimited version history that lets you roll-back to any point in time. Pyramid.Net provides Big-Business IT best-practice for the little guy – true multi-destination, multi-schedule backup that can be adapted to meet your needs but at consumer price. Pyramid.Net is software as a service billed at a low monthly subscription. A basic annual subscription costs less than most stand-alone backup software packages – let alone a tape-drive or an external hard-drive.
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Minimum Requirements.
  1. Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003® or Windows Server 2008®  32 & 64 Bit versions.  or                                                    MAC OSX 10.6 with Intel CPU.
  2. Hardware: 300 MHz or faster processor, 30MB hard drive space. 
  3. High-speed internet connection recommended and enough hard drive space for caching. 
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