SDSL Service


Pyramid.Net supplies the SDSL modem as part of the initial year long contract and do not ourselves charge for installation.  Although the SDSL line speed is guaranteed and normally attainable, realize many factors are involved and maximum throughput is not always possible.  For the SDSL FAQ and definitions page, click here


Please call our office for pricing and availability

Note:*All Pyramid.Net ADSL/SDSL accounts are serviced with Static IP's.  We believe this is the best way to go with DSL services.  It gives your computer the same address Internet address each time you connect with us, allows for better troubleshooting if there is a problem and it affords better features for our clients. Unlike PPPoE and Dynamic IP networks, you are always on. Pyramid does not believe in disconnecting users to free up bandwidth for new logins or using inactivity timers. The other advantage is for users that run server applications that require a static IP to connect to. (examples are game servers, VOIP servers, and remote access software)

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Last Updated - 12/07/2006

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