In addition to dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, SDSL standard and Type II & our developing wireless network, Pyramid.Net can provide frame relay, fractional and full T1 Internet access to the Internet for your business or home.  Please call us at 775-884-3202 for details.

We also offer Multi-Link PPP (bonding of two modems/voice lines into a single logical connection) for an extra $14.95 per month.  This is an add-on service to one of our standard dial-up packages, not a stand-alone service.

T-1 package!

If your company ever wanted to step up and play with the big boys - now is the time!  Pyramid.Net is offering full T1 access, no contract, for only $699.00 per month. (local loop from Nevada bell or Verizon not included)  Free Pipeline router and no setup charge from Pyramid.Net!  Telco setup charges and local loop would apply.  Call for details!

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Last Updated - 12/07/2006

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