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Our Basic ISDN Service is 64Kbs (bit - not byte) with 128Kbs dial-on-demand.  We currently have extensive experience with the Lucent/Ascend series of Pipeline routers and have them available for sale to our current/pending clients.  We also have some experience with Cisco and Netopia routers as well as Diamond and Motorola ISDN terminal adapters.  NAT/Proxies are not allowed except on the Small Business account.

Standard configuration includes PAP/CHAP authentication, dial-in only, static IP's if required, fast timeout for routers, standard timeouts for Terminal Adapters, email account and 2MB's of personal web space. (Not domain based) 

Personal ISDN Connection using an ISDN Terminal Adapter:
$39.95 per month.

Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) via ISDN router, <=29 computers:
$26.95 + $10.00 per machine. (Mail accounts equal systems paid for)

Small Business =>29 computers:
$295.00 per month.  Within reason - unlimited email accounts.

Domain Name/Web Hosting add-on:
$20.00 per month.  50MB's of web space.  Within reason - unlimited email accounts.

Single or Dual channel dedicated/nailed service or bi-directional - call for pricing.

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Last Updated - 12/07/2006

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