Spyware/Adware is almost as bad as Viruses and in many cases, there is no real difference in the destruction or ID theft these can do compared to Virus programs. These also cause pop ups and change your home page. You should always have one of these two on your system and, like Anti Virus programs, keep them updated. We recommend running a complete system scan once a week to make sure things are clean and working properly.

Software Title & Link Cost Type
ADAWARE Freeware free spyware and adware scanner (good all around scanner for the average internet/computer user)
Spybot Search & Destroy Freeware free spyware and adware scanner (For more advanced computer users. This program goes into more settings than most average users use)

Shareware = Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software before buying it. If you try a Shareware program and continue using it after a reasonable evaluation period, you are expected to register.
Evalware = Evalware is similar to Shareware except the program stops functioning after the evaluation period.  Registration/purchase unlocks the software for continued use.
Freeware = As the name implies, freeware is free of any obligation to the end user.

Anti-Virus Software

Last Updated - 12/07/2006

Pop-Up & Ad Killers